Jurnal KDI

Jurnal KDI

Komunitas Dosen Indonesia merilis jurnal online untuk bidang ilmu :

The bit-Tech journal was developed with the aim of accommodating the scientific work of Lecturers and Studentsboth the results of scientific papers and research in the form of literature study results.
It is hoped that this journal will increase the knowledge and exchange of scientific informationespecially scientific papers and research that will be useful as a reference for the progress of the State together.

The bit-Tech Journal publishes research papers in such informatics:
Web Technology (Mobile), 
Cloud Computing, dan
Decision Support System (Bussiness Intelligent)

Focus on the development of economic sciences especially ECommerce and Business, both scientific and practical review, so it is expected to become a scientific medium for the creation of integration between theoretical studies and practical studies for the development of economic science in various social aspects.

The development of the main targeted thinking is the development of:
Marketing Management,
Tourism Management,
Supply Chain Management,
Management Information System,
Knowledge Management,
Bussiness Ethics,
Financial Management,
this effort is reflected from research activities as well as conceptual studies among academics and practitioners in field and published in the form of Scientific Journal. Practitioners are expected to work together in scientific development through this medium, and continuously build a scientific mainstream in economics, ecommerce and comprehensive business.


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